Trinabh Ray

Personal Details: Age- 9 years, Male
Mobile- +1 203-208-8182, Email:

I came to the United States of America along with my parents when I was 2 years old. My Father is IT professional and mother is a Teacher in Middle school. I started my schooling at the age 2 years 9 months in a Catholic School. Now I completed my elementary School and going to an Intermediate school in September, 2019. I have proven my excellence in performance in all grade levels, fulfilled responsibilities over and above the usual ones, learned extensively and contributed much to the school. At this stage, I have a high ambition to make my future great with different possibilities.


Grade School Year Achievements
Pre-K 3 St. Mary Magdalen School, John Trumbull Primary School 2012- 2013 Very good Grade level
Pre-K 4 West Hill Elementary School 2013-2014 Very good Grade level
Kindergarten - 4th Grade West Hill Elementary School 2014-2019 Excellent grade levels in each year

Academic Excellence

  • Had an Excellent Result in all elementary grades.
  • Mastery level in Mathematics, Algebraic thinking as well as in Writing.
  • Have an ability to apply the skills with consistent accuracy, independence and a high level of quality.
  • Hard worker and very attentive in learning.
  • Reading level is above grade with accuracy and retel events with details and meaningful inferences.
  • In writing supports own ideas with relevant details and use own thinking to expand text evidence.
  • In math, demonstrate an understanding of concepts at the mastery level and use many strategies in problem solving.

Scholastic achievements

  • Excellence and above age level performance in Karate, recently received Brown Belt in Karate.
  • Participated in many Drawing and painting competitions and won prizes.
  • Some best Art works exhibited in town Library as well as in the school library.
  • Great Science invention project done on School Invention Convention in 2019.
  • Performed a great role in the School Unified Theater.
  • Participated in a School Concert as a Clarinet specialist.
  • Performed excellent in many stage shows in Drama, Dance and singing since my Pre-kindergarten level for different cultural program.
  • Participated in several cultural events, games and sports.

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