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In this all-new, inspiring series, Ethan Bortnick will search for exciting young talents across America and play host to them at local PBS studios nationwide - for the chance to win a guest spot performing in front of the cameras on television, and the potentially life-changing opportunity to appear LIVE onstage at one of his concerts in the area in front of thousands!

This series is currently limited to just a handful of markets in 2017, but will soon be expanded across the whole of the United States in 2018 and 2019!

So if you have a musical talent, or know someone who does - no matter whether it's playing, singing, or dancing (or anything else in-between, and either as a group or solo!), please fill out the form below to show off and share your gifts today - and be considered for our upcoming PBS television showcases and live concerts! Once you have, you'll be notified by our expert team shortly!

Now let's all celebrate music together, and give kids and young adults across the whole country the chance to share their incredible talents!

Ethan Bortnick performing live with guests - you could be next!

Ethan Bortnick performing live with guests - you could be next!

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