Love we get in 2019

Catherine wants to thank you, Ethan and everyone else at Celebration of Music for giving her the opportunity to compete. Although she was disappointed that she didn't win, she knew she was in with some very talented other contestants. After she thought about it for a while, she said it was a great experience for her and she learned a lot. It was especially meaningful to her that Ethan high-fived her and was so encouraging after she performed. She was very inspired by the whole experience!She wants to try again next year. Will that be possible?

All the best,

Kim Coryat

Thank you very much for your help and consideration on the 2019 Celebration of Music experience in Palm Coast, FL.
It was amazing to see Ethan perform and even more amazing to meet him and give him a “high five”.
I am honored to have been selected as a finalist and I’m looking forward to watching the next season of Celebration of Music and I’m looking forward to future events.

Thank you again,


Thank you for a fun evening. It brought happiness to us through these rough two weeks. The music and Ethan were amazing!!! Glad we made it work!! Bailee was all smiles all night ❤️?.