Starr's Studio of Dance - Select Team

Deep in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains in northwest Connecticut, five young girls between the ages of 7 and 10 have been working away at making an impact in the dance world.

Lyra DiCostanzo (7), Olivia Harrington (8), Leah Jones (10), Natalie Rahgo (7), and Gia Torzilli (8) have stars in their eyes and even bigger dreams to back them up. These 5 girls were hand picked by current dance professionals to become a young dream team called the “SSD Stars,” and have already garnered the attention of those in the dance and entertainment industry. They are taught and guided in dance and life by the hand of Starr Jeffreys, owner of Starr’s Studio of Dance in Kent, CT.

Lyra and Natalie are best known as Baby Spice and Sporty Spice, respectively, on the Petite Spice Girls dance team that was not only featured on WFSB’s “Better Connecticut,” they are also the current winners of Starquest’s Viral Video of the Year, all achieved at just 6 years old.

Olivia, Leah, and Gia were invited to appear on an episode of Lifetime’s “Dance Moms,” and were featured during the awards ceremony. Olivia is also the current reigning Sheer International Miss Small Wonder 2019-2020 and trains in both Kent and New York City.

As a group, the SSD Stars have worked with such acclaimed artists as Kevin Frey (Lady Gaga), Katy Tate (Jennifer Lopez/ Derek Hough), Theresa Stone (Paula Abdul/ Ava Maxx), Bex Robinson (Taylor Swift), Thomas Vavaro (Elisa Monte Dance Company), Lane Napper (Disney/ Nickelodeon) and Kailyn Rogers (Lindsey Stirling), among others. They have entertained hundreds at the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest 2 years in a row and most recently, have danced at Citi Field before a NY Mets home game with the Starr’s Studio of Dance Company. “I love our studio because the teachers push you to be your best possible self,” Leah remarks.

Far beyond their credits and accolades, what makes these girls special is their bond on and off the dance floor. Their connection to each other drives their passion to succeed. “I can be myself when I dance,” Lyra says, “and I love learning from the older girls.” Natalie beams as she exclaims, “I get to spend time with my friends and learn new dances!”

Their chosen song, “The Stars are on Your Side,” evokes hope and magic. “I love this dance because I feel very pretty dancing in it,” Olivia says. Gia’s feelings are similar. “I love how every time I dance this dance, I feel like an angel.”

The SSD Stars are delighted to participate in the Celebration of Music, and are honored to be performing for the people that mean the most to them - family, friends, and supporters from their home state of Connecticut.

As for their bright future? Perhaps it’s written in the stars.



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