Sri Peck

Hi! My name is Sri Peck, and no matter how many years I sing, it still feels like new, uncharted territory for me. I am sixteen years old, and I am extremely passionate about musical theatre. I love the idea of being seen as someone else, and theatre gives me the ability to express myself in ways I never knew I was capable of. I recently played Cinderella in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella at Academy of Holy Angels Starlight Productions my Sophomore year. I was honored with an “Outstanding in a Lead Role” Award from the Hennepin Theatre Trust for my role in Cinderella, which I am extremely grateful for.

Acting and singing weren’t something I thought I would ever be interested in. I used to be jokingly called, "Jack of all trades, master of none." When I was younger, I was the kid interested in animation. I was the kid working towards my private's pilot's license. I was the one drawing and writing stories during lunch and doing martial arts after school. In the past, I did a lot of digital art and animation, which in retrospect might have helped me understand how to portray the way my body moves. I would voice over my own animations and occasionally record myself singing, but I was too anxious to post it anywhere. Back then, I was really uncomfortable in my own skin. I stood out in my middle school and couldn’t accept my nose, or my eyes, or my body. Theatre makes me feel included, and when I play a character, I can make that character my own. I’ve come to accept my looks because of theatre, and I’ve grown more confident over the years.

Once I realized just how much I enjoy singing and performing, I threw myself into it. I’ve been pushing my comfort zone further and further, trying everything I can to be the best performer I can be. I just wrapped up shooting for a short film, “In The Meantime With You” by Conner Evert. Playing the lead in a short film was out of my comfort zone, but I desired experience in a film because any area of acting is so advantageous, and I can learn and grow from it. This summer, I had the opportunity to study opera and dance at the University of Minnesota’s Summer Music Theatre program. For the last few years, I have been doing voice lessons as well as the summer teen intensive at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. I’m no dancer, and thinking about it makes me anxious, but I know I’ll need that skill in the future, so I put my all into it.

I may not have started when I was a child. I may not have been on stage when I was six, or seven, or eight. I may not be the competitive type. I’m still a learner trying to find myself between the noise of high school life and theatre. I want to excel, and the best way for me to do that is to keep working, or “keep on keeping on” like my friend Paisley used to say.

There's something about singing that captivates me. Win or lose, I gain the experience that comes with being in a competition such as this. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, and performing live would be absolutely amazing! No matter the outcome, I intend to grow both as a singer, and a person.



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