Slowspeed, because sometimes you just gotta take it slow.

That’s what they say before every performance. It’s true.. “I think they’re crazy running everywhere at such a speed. Until they find, there’s no need.” John Lennon’s “I’m Only Sleeping” is about this very ideology. Slowspeed is a rock band formed in Monticello, Minnesota back in May 2018. They primarily play subgenres of rock such as punk, classic, grunge, and alternative. Known for often covering the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Sublime, and Alice in Chains, Slowspeed has embraced the 90’s garageband feel, utilizing distortion and harsh lyrics in their original works, but also balancing it out with fun catchy reggae tunes. Their primary influences all differ however as drummer Preston Yanta and frontman Jay James are heavily influenced by the works of classic rock artists such as Led Zeppelin and The Doors, but bassist Cayden Agre and lead guitarist Saul Cox are influenced by the works of heavy metal artists such as Metallica and Pantera. This has led to each member having to compromise on songs and find common ground between the two differentiating genres, creating a diverse range of music in each show and allowing each member to grow as a musician as they learn different styles.

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