Shaun Theriault

9-year-old Shaun Theriault has always had a love of music. From a very young age he enjoyed listening to classical music while going to bed and singing to songs on the radio whenever he was in the car (even if he did not know the words).

When Shaun was in the 2nd grade, his elementary school music teacher would play the guitar and sing to all of the kids. Shortly after the start of the school year he came home and begged his mom and dad to let him learn how to play guitar as well so that he could sing and play music for people to bring them the same joy and happiness that he experienced in class. This is where his musical journey began.

Shaun enjoys a variety of different genres of music including rock and roll, country, classical, pop, and anything with a catchy tune you can sing and dance to. Shaun has performed in a few guitar recitals for the Tampa Music School and at an elementary school talent show but mostly he performs to entertain his family and friends.

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