Shae Smith

Shae Smith is a 15 year old from Bolivar, MO. She has been dancing since the age of three, but competitively for six years. Shae dances at Tiffany’s Performing Arts Center in Republic, MO, and trains in Ballet, Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and Improv. Her numerous titles and accomplishments include JUMP VIP Teen Dancer, Hollywood VIBE Team, Senior Elite Dancer of the Year, and Senior Con10der, to name a few.

Dancing is a passion of Shae’s, and also a physical means for her to remain active and flexible with her Scoliosis. Diagnosed at the age of 11, Shae now has a 41 degree thoracic curve and continues to pursue her dream of dance. She is also an advocate for Scoliosis awareness having created the platform “Catching The Curve.” Shae has created a website (, proclaimed September 1st Scoliosis Awareness Day in the state of Missouri, published a children’s book “Beautiful Crooked Letter I”, and organized the “Confidently Curvy” Fashion show for girls with Scoliosis. Shae teaches other girls that disabilities should not keep them from pursuing their dreams and enjoying the gift of music.

Along with her passion for dance, Shae is also a varsity softball player at Bolivar High School, honor roll student, Prudential Spirit of Community State Honoree, model, and Outstanding Teen title holder. Shae looks forward to celebrating her gift of dance with Celebration of Music.

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