Senria Nath

Hello! I am Senria Nath, 13 yearsold, a singer, an actor, and a song writer. I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and at the age of 1 year and 6 months, I was humming the Barney Song “I love you, you love me”, when a family friend noticed my humming and my parents acknowledged that I can sing. So, I have been singingpretty early and by the time I turned 3, I sang on stage for the first time. I have performed in and around Milwaukee and Chicago during my growing years. I have performed at Wisconsin Annul Swim meets, Asia Fest,Chicago’s Miss Bangladesh America Pageant, at different charity shows, festivals, and singing competitions.

In the fall of 2016, when I was 10, I moved to Atlanta and started exploring this new land of music. In Atlanta, so far, I have performed in the Tower of Talent show, GA Tech shows, the NAACP Marietta MLK show, The Marietta Theatre on the square,East Cobb festival, Marietta square’s Juneteenthcelebration, Atlanta Workshop Players cabaret shows, Kids Fest, and other venues and competitions. I love acting too, and have acted in a few short films, student films, and theatre, earning myself IMDB credit.

I love songwriting, that’s what do in my spare time. In music composition for the PTSA reflection programs in GA, I have won in the Cobb County level for the last 3 years. I have some music projects which I look forward to recording. I play the piano and flute.

Fun facts about me: I have sung in 6 languages on stage, so far. At GA Tech I performed a variation of “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” while hula hooping. Yes, I can sing and hula-hoop at the same time. I can speak in a few accents. If you want to watch my videos please check my YouTube channel “Senria Nath”.

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