Ranae Stewart

Ranae Stewart was born September, 25th 2005 in Grand Blanc, MI. Ever since she was a toddler, you could tell that she was full of life, and loved music. Like most children, she would dance and sing when she heard something that she liked. Before she learned to walk, she would crawl over to the piano, pull herself up and press the keys. It did not take long to realize that she loved the sound of the piano. When Ranae was 3 years old, her dad sat her on his lap in front of the piano and started to show her how to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". To the amazement of her parents, Ranae was playing the song on her own, after only being shown how to play it once.

That is when things really took off. Before Ranae turned 4, she was playing about 10 of the most, well known, little kids' songs. She loved playing the piano. She plays by ear and she was mostly self-taught until she turned 10. At age 10, Ranae started taking lessons to learn how to read music. While learning to read music and playing on the piano, her piano teacher saw how coordinated she was and how quickly she picked up on her lessons. During one of her lessons, he mentioned to Ranae's parents that he thought that Ranae would be a natural drummer. Since he, himself is a drummer…he would know. Her instructor had an extra drum kit at home, so he brought it to her next lesson to see how she would do. Once again, we were all amazed at how quickly she picked up on another instrument. Her music instructor said that she actually challenges him to be better at teaching her.

Ranae is now 13 years old and she is still playing the piano and the drums. She also loves to sing and dance. She loves most genres of music and even enjoys Broadway musicals. She is also showing interest in acting/theatre. Ranae has played in a few bands with other kids her age and they have done several local performances. She has played in a Classic Rock Band, an All-Girl Pop Band, as well as playing for the teen Praise and Worship Band at church.

Ranae dreams of traveling and playing music. She loves to entertain people. She hopes that her music will help her get a scholarship for college. Her goal is to go to Med-School and be a Medical Examiner.

Ranae is very excited about the opportunity to perform at the Music Hall in Detroit on May 4th.

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