Ohiole Dibua

Hey what’s up everybody my name is Ohiole Dibua and I am a 20 year old dancer/ performer from Baltimore, Maryland. I discovered this passion of mine when I was 13 years old. I was “that kid” in middle school. I was always hyper, super talkative, and had WAY too much energy. However, there was one problem. I was born with knee condition that made walking very difficult for me. Basically, I had tight hamstrings to the point where it pulled my knees and lower back into a permanent bend. Growing up with a condition like that made school rough for me as you could imagine. I got bullied constantly and got called every mean name you could of think of. That was until one day I had enough. Despite my knee problems I decided to enter a mile race in my middle school to try to show the kids that bullied me that I was worth just as much as them. I wanted to show them that they were wrong about me. As you would imagine I came dead last and crawled across the finish line. I was laughed at by everyonethat day and something snapped in me. I decided to make a change. I got physical therapy and learned how to walk properly and from there I started teaching myself how to dance through YouTube videos.

Fast forward 7 years later and my whole life has changed. I got invited to Team USA of The World Championship Of Performing Arts, and was invited to perform in World Of Dance Paris. I got the opportunity to perform at The World Famous Apollo Theater which is the same stage that legends such as Michael Jackson and James Brown started their career. I was featured on Americas Got Talent and have had the privilege to travel around the United States performing at various venues such as The Actors Arts Fund, Alvin Ailey Theater, Jack Guidone Theater among other places. I am currently enrolled at West Virginia University studying Dance and Business in hopes to eventually work in the entertainment industry.

My style of dance combines a vast number of elements such as Martial Arts, Breakdancing, Comedy, Magic and Storytelling to create a fun and unique audience experience. Entertaining people is my passion and it feels like what I was brought on this Earth to do. Being on a stage and making people happy and having them laugh (hopefully with me not at me) brings me so much joy. It really is an indescribable experience.

Getting the opportunity to be apart of Celebration Of Music is a journey that I am extremely excited to embark on. Above all things my mission with being on this show is to share my story and my message to inspire people who may suffer from unfortunate uncontrollable circumstances. I want to show people that no matter who you are or what obstacles you face, with enough work, passion and drive anything is possible.

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