Molly Gibson

Molly Elizabeth is from Savannah, Ga and will be a Junior in college in the Fall. She is the baby of five siblings and has one nephew and five nieces (one on the way!) and gets to spend time with them often. She has loved singing from a young age and thinks “performing” in the kitchen is incredibly fun.

When she was young, her Mother and two oldest brothers discovered the group Celtic Woman while watching PBS- thus Molly Elizabeth was introduced to her musical role models: Celtic Woman. Celtic Woman has been playing around her home since Molly Elizabeth was eight years old and she dreams of performing with them one day. When the incredible opportunity came in 2013 for her to take voice lessons under an original member of the group, Lisa Kelly, she felt so blessed. For two and a half years she took lessons from Lisa and had the privilege to be on the stage with her, along with the rest of Lisa’s students, in several of her concerts.

Over the past few years Molly Elizabeth has won two Irish singing competitions, was a top ten finalist in another, and performed the part of Liesl von Trapp in a local production of The Sound of Music. Molly Elizabeth is so thankful for this opportunity to be a part of Celebration of Music!

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