Mitchell Zimmerman

My name is Mitchell Zimmerman, and I am a member of Stanford’s premier Indie/Alternative Rock acapella group, The Stanford Harmonics. I have had the honor of being a soloist in the group this year, which has given me the opportunity to perform in front of audiences of 80-100 people. However, I haven’t always been a singer. For most of my childhood and early life, I never thought of myself as a singer, but as a football player and an academic. I actually didn’t become interested in singing until about 5 years ago, around my freshman/sophomore year of high school when my sister convinced me to try out musical theatre. Now, I am about to start my sophomore year of college having recorded solos on a really cool album for the Harmonics (which comes out soon, so keep on the lookout for that) and minoring in Performance Studies. While I plan on majoring in Environmental Engineering, I am glad that I discovered my passion for singing and performing while I still have the chance to pursue it. I suppose that this is my first step towards that pursuit.

My act is singing. Staying true to the genre of my acapella group, my favorite genres to sing and perform are indie and alternative rock. While I love the way that these genres sound, I also feel that the lyrics of songs in this genre can often carry immensely meaningful and powerful messages; my goal is to deliver songs that resonate with or impact someone (even if it’s just one), while also enjoying and loving every second of it.

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