Mikhal Grueneberg

Mikhal is ten years old and lives in Marietta, Ohio. There she attends the 4th grade at St. Mary Catholic School. She is the third born and her siblings are all boys. Mikhal was born in North Dakota where she spent the first seven and a half years of her life. From an early age she knew she wanted to be involved with music. At two she began to trot around the house using utensils as a microphone while singing and dancing. At three she went to the Theodore Roosevelt National park on vacation. There she attended the Medora Musical and proclaimed to her family that one day she would be up on a stage singing too.

Shortly after that trip there was a large disaster causing thousands of people to lose their homes in the area she lived. Mikhal's family were one of many effected by this. At this time the children's extracurricular activities were placed on hold. Once her family was rehoused Mikhal adamantly asked her parents for music lessons, passionately conveying that "in her heart she knew she was meant to learn music." As a result, she began attending the Children's Music Academy. She enjoyed her time at CMA up until her father's job brought the family to Ohio. Here Mikhal attends lessons with Jess Baldwin. She considers her not only a mentor but a friend. Mikhal knows she is very fortunate to have her as an instructor.

In addition, she is also a member of the Marietta Children's Choir. Mikhal appreciates that music gives something for everyone to identify with whether you are feeling joy or sadness or whatever it might be. She cares deeply for others and feels that with the gift of music no one is ever alone. Outside of singing Mikhal's top priority is her schooling. She is also quite interested in learning about other cultures and that has inspired her to learn to speak other languages. She is in her first year of French and her third year of Spanish. She is also an avid reader, likes putting together Legos, has fun playing games on her Nintendo Switch, participates in volleyball, and enjoys traveling with her family. At school she contributes to several service projects helping with collecting items for: natural disasters, Christmas presents for children in need, food drives, and goods for animal shelters. She loves dogs and cats, especially her pets, Fifi, Freya, and Nimrah. Her endeavors are lovingly supported by her friends and family and for that she is grateful. She is truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

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