Mia Frances Bustamante

Mia Bustamante is a 13 year old energetic and carefree singer who loves different music genres from pop, broadway to classic. She has been performing for vocal competitions like MIchigan Music Association (MMA), regional & national American Guild of Music, Music Achievers Conservatory, since she was 10, and has won numerous grand prizes, awards and certificates. She also was chosen to sing the national anthem at the the John's field for the United Shore Professional Baseball league in Utica, Michigan. A true achiever, hardworking & goal oriented when it comes to performing. Mia always works on how to better herself, and listens well to her voice coaches. She keeps an open mind & heart to people giving her generous praise and valuable critics.

Mia recalls to have loved singing since she was about 5 years old and even recorded her first song at 7 years old when her parents purchased their first iphone. She secretly sat in a corner one day and searched on one phone the lyrics & accompaniment of the song, while recording herself on the other. Her brother then 15, amused of the arrangement so much so, that he published the video to YouTube.

Now in 8th grade, she is truly exploring her singing talent by attending the Middle School for Visual & Performing Arts. It is through this that she enhanced her creativity to blend her academic experience with performing arts. This has inspired her to look into the district's nationally-acclaimed, high school performing arts program, Warren Consolidated School Of Performing Arts, where she hopes to further focus on theater, performance arts, and production.

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