Madyson Mirza

My name is Madyson Mirza. I am thirteen years old - the oldest of 3 kids, having younger twin brothers. I am in 8th grade at Buddy Taylor Middle School. I was born in Long Island and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. My family and I moved to Florida a little over a year ago. While living in New York, I attended a very small private school that had almost no exposure to any type of extracurricular activities. I’ve always loved to sing, like all kids do, but only to myself.

We moved to Florida the summer before I started seventh grade and I found out I was able to sign up for extracurricular classes. Being overwhelmed by all of the different options, I knew chorus was my number one choice. About one month into school, my teacher told our class that in October, there would an annual “Idol Show” competition. When I told my mom, she told me that I better audition for it but I wasn’t sure. I did the audition and I was so nervous. Once it was over I relaxed but the anticipation of the results was killing me. The next day the results were posted on the chorus room door and there was my name! I was so excited and overwhelmed by the news and my confidence boosted sky high. The “Idol Show” was there before I knew it and I performed with as much confidence as I could gather, knowing I was so nervous. My family was shocked because they had never heard me sing like that before. I didn’t win but I was still proud of myself for going in as an amateur and being one of ten students chosen out of almost forty who auditioned.

After this, my mom decided to sign me up for voice lessons because singing was something I really wanted to pursue. This year for the “Idol Show” I think I was even more nervous than I was for the first audition because this year I wanted it so badly! My name was announced on the microphone, I was feeling so many emotions I didn’t know what to do. I had placed for second runner up and I could not have been happier! Taking part in the “Idol Show” for both of my Middle School years lead me to discover my passion for singing and performing in general. I wanted to find as many outlets as I could to continue performing so I took part in a summer production of “The Lion King, Jr.” and got a small speaking role and have signed up to do a production of “Frozen, Jr.” this summer.

Aside from singing, I have a 4.0 GPA, love reading, baking and spending time with my friends, family and our new dog.



*Please note that this is an Ethan Bortnick Concert and the Contestants will be presented via Video presentation. The winner(s) of this event will perform Live at the end of the night.