Madeline Smyth

Madeline was born April 27, 2005. Even though she was a very active child, it was discovered she had a minor heart defect. By the time she was 2 it was clear the hole between the upper 2 chambers of her heart needed to be surgically repaired. Her open heart surgery went amazingly well and after 3 days she was sent home. Her first move was to kick a soccer ball across the yard and she simply never slowed down from there.

Music was always playing in and around the home and Maddie grew up singing and dancing, following in the musical footsteps of many members of her family. (We have singers, conductors, actors, flautists, etc) After her brother took part in a small film Maddie began asking when she was going to have a turn. Finally her mother relented and Madeline was cast as a Lost Boy in Peter Pan as her very first play. She was seven.

From there Madeline just keeps growing, reaching, and striving to improve her performance skills. She has appeared on stage in over 30 musicals and plays in the last 5 years. She sings at local events quite often and also has been cast in several films.

Above and beyond her performing, Maddie is a straight A student at her local Lyceum Middle School and like any 12 year old loves her dogs, cats, fish, lizards, and chickens. Although you may not get her to admit it she even loves her big brother Tyler. The 2 have created several videos themselves over the past few years. Madeline is a sweet, down to earth, professional and loving kid who just happens to have some talent.

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