Lucy Carlyle

Hi Atlanta! I’m Lucy Carlyle –a feisty red-headed singer, actress, comedian, and musical theater enthusiast. I like to think of myself as a young Holly Golightly with a dash of Irish Setter. When I’m not hacking Minecraft or staging the all-female version of ‘Hamilton’ at school recess, you’ll find me working on my vocal technique, taking piano lessons and hanging out with my girl squad!

I learned I loved singing after I broke my arm and had to have two metal rods put into it. I had to quit my gymnastics team and take a very long break from piano lessons. Because I literally could do nothing else, my parents decided that I could take voice lessons. My Mom and Dad saw the benefit of voice lessons both for my confidence and for improving my chronic asthma. I started winning a few local talent pageants and soon after, I was cast as Annie in *Annie Jr* and as a vocal soloist for *Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta-- Tower of Talent 2018* fundraiser.

Other things you should know about me – I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I’m currently on Book 7. I love dogs and for my tenth birthday last year, my parents finally gifted me a little black puppy name, Evie. With my Mom, we do all things Artsy-- with my Dad,we love rock climbing, along with *Stranger Things*, *The Good Place*, *Kimmy Schmidt* and old movies. Musical Theater is my playlist along with: *The White Stripes*, *Ava Max*, *Lady Gaga*, *Queen*, *Dolly Parton, Billie Eilish *and *Sara Bareilles*. When I grow up, I want to live in NYC, LA and Atlanta and be an actress and musician.

Through singing, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with others spiritually, be challenged mentally, and find a passion I want to follow for a lifetime. Please vote for me!!!!!

Peace & Love Atlanta --Lucy

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