Lainey Donoghue

Music is my everything. It’s the one constant in my life that I’ve always had a passion for and a drive to accomplish. It’s helped me through so much. I love music because it’s so powerful and delivers a message in a way that nothing else can. It can set a mood, help you through hard times, and it can do something special and different for everyone. Ever since I was little, I would dance around my living room blasting Disney, Hannah Montana and Dolly Parton CDs, jumping and singing along to every song. I’d watch singing competitions on TV, always hoping someday I’d be the one on that screen.

My singing debut started when I was a bubbly 6 year old who begged my mom and hopped on this little stage without hesitation to sing karaoke at the State Fair. I sang the Irish folk song “Too Ra Loo”, and it was from that moment on I knew that this is what I wanted to do. Every year since, I have come back to that same stage and performed. I’ve been going back there for 9 years straight!

I started off singing and playing piano when I was 8, then I was introduced to guitar and ukulele. I’ve trained with many vocal coaches throughout my life, and I have learned many valuable things from each one. They all teach differently, and they all have different styles. I’m thankful to have had such great teaching influences, from private lessons to the wonderful choirs in my schools.

I was 11 when I first sang on a big stage, at the Town Green singing that same Irish song. Since then, I’ve competed in many County and School talent contests, and I was a semifinalist at the Minnesota State Fair Talent Contest in 2016 and 2017. I was honored last spring to sing the National Anthem for a city event.

I currently work with a local acting school, D&A Talent, to help further and develop my skills in acting, singing and modeling. I recorded my first official studio cover there, “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato. Last year, I was selected to be part of their team to represent them in Los Angeles to compete at The Industry Network. It was a fabulous experience! It was there I won Singer of the Year, was 1st runner up for Star of the Year, received 1st place in Voiceover and Headshot, and 1st runner up for Beauty Commercial and Improvisation.

I’m never going to stop singing, because singing is something that always makes me happy, truly my favorite passion. I love it personally, but also love the ability to entertain others and the energy I receive from that. Singing got me to where I am today, and I’m so thankful for all of the opportunities it’s given me throughout my life.

I feel so blessed to be chosen as a finalist in Celebration of Music! It would be a dream come true to perform live on PBS!

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