Karla Rodriguez

Iʼm Karla Rodriguez Bogaert (K.R.B.) and the art of music has been in my life since I can remember. Music recordings, and instruments have always been an escape for me. When I was a little girl I remember being ecstatic to hear a new song Iʼd never heard before or even listen to a song that I hadnʼt listened to in a while. Besides my love of music there is my love for the arts in general. Drawing, painting, writing short stories, and filming short movies are a few of my many interests. Of course being in a performing arts school has expanded and heightened my artistic abilities. In my school (Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts) there are four majors to choose from: Music, Theatre,Dance and Film; I chose music. The music program at my school is amazing because it letʼs you explore and expand your music tastes, talents and abilities. Along with the music program, the theatre, film, and dance programs allow you to do the same things. My after-school activities include similar ventures. Once school ends I walk over to New Urban Arts. NUA has great extracurricular activities that extend to fashion, screen printing, visual arts, music (of course), and so much more. On a more personal note, I also enjoy spending time with extended family, my mom.


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