Kai Ali

I am Kai Ali and I am an 19 year old aspiring R&B singer songwriter, born in Philadelphia but currently residing in Delaware. My lifetime love for music has caused me to develop a passion for singing and songwriting. I am inspired by many artists and genres. My biggest musical inspirations are Michael Jackson and Chris Brown. They both stand out to me because they so unique and are awesome performers and entertainers. Music and singing has also been a major factor to my personal growth and development in many aspects of my life. At the age of 16 I decided that my career goal would be to pursue a career in the Music industry and that is when I began to write music and to find opportunities to showcase my talent. I sing because I believe that music is a universal language and it has helped me to express myself. I use my writing to express my personal situations and it helps me to get through some tough times and celebrate some positive moments in my life as well. I would describe my personal sound as R&B with a hip hop feel. With the support of my family, I have had the opportunity to participate in many local open mics, such as World Cafe Live in Philadelphia and Delaware. I have also showcased my talent at Warmdaddy’s, a very popular venue for live music located in Philadelphia. I was recently featured in “All to You” by local rap artist and producer $tacejam. I am looking for opportunities to perform, network, and build my fanbase so that I could get recognized in the music industry and eventually get signed by a label. I have also recently discovered a passion for acting as well. Acting is helping me to fine tune my performances and to build my confidence as a performer. I was recently cast as a lead in a independent film that is currently in production and to be released in 2018. Acting allows me to tap into my childhood imagination and to become some of the characters that I have grown to love on TV and in film.

● SoundCloud- https://soundcloud.com/user-577602399

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