Jessica Hua

Jessica Hua is a 14-year-old pianist, now reaching her ninth year of making music at the keyboard. In addition to the piano, she plays the violin in school orchestra, takes guitar lessons, and is teaching herself to play the ukulele. Every now and then, she also dabbles in singing and the ocarina. She enjoys music from the Baroque period all the way to today’s pop tunes.

As the instrument she’s known the longest, the piano has led her the farthest in life. Over the years, she has earned numerous awards from competitions and festivals alike, and when she was chosen to be a KVNO Classical Kid in 2016, her music was broadcast over the radio.

Jessica is an ambitious student, putting her best effort into everything she does. With the Early College High School, a special program her school provides, she plans to graduate from high school not only with a diploma but with an Associate’s Art Degree. She aims to join the medical field from there, with the aspiration of becoming an anesthesiologist or a specialist doctor to help those who suffer from sickness.

When she isn’t studying or making music, Jessica is a passionate writer of science fiction and romance stories and an visual artist who enjoys following her inspiration and pursuing happiness.

Jessica is very excited for what this competition will bring, and she gives thanks from the bottom of her heart to those who give her their unconditional support and vote.

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