Iselia Garza

Iselia is 20 years old. Born and raised in San Angelo Texas, she is the second oldest of six brothers and sisters. She is filled with passion in music and singing and she’s always been eager and ready to perform. The message and the feeling she claims to receive from music is life altering and can impact our lives in multiple ways. She has had many struggles in life starting with the divorce of her parents when she was only four years old; and she claims that without the healing of music, she wouldn’t be where she is today. She comes from a very musical family and background. Her father is apart of a Grammy-award winning group that is still traveling all over the world today. Music has been Iselia’s escape and outlet for as l ong as she can remember. It’s always been not only a huge part of her life, but literally HER LIFE.

Iselia has been in choir all through middle and high school. When she was only a freshman, she attended a private academy that did not have very many elective options. Choir not being one of them, she was not only disappointed, but also determined. Iselia came up with the idea to help form a choir for the school, and before anyone knew it, that plan was in motion. Creating a petition for all those willing and wanting to sign up, the list was towering. Not only did she form the choir, find a director and help with the arrangements; but she even helped her class win at competition in the “New Waves MusicFest”. As a junior in high school, she was blessed with a solo in her school’s military concert. She performed the song “Just A Dream” by Carrie Underwood.

Iselia has never had any form of training or teaching as far as “vocal coaches” or anything of that nature. Everything has always come so natural to her, however she still feels that there is always room for improvement. Complacency is not an option for her.

Fast forward five years, and she’s finally ready to risk it all and go for it! Ready to turn her dreams into a reality. Iselias always loved the thought of performing in front of an audience, but it wasn’t until recently that she realized she was in love with performing in front of an audience. No longer just the thought.

She has put up only a handful of covers online, and as far as original music goes, let’s just say you’ll hopefully be hearing it soon. Iselia started writing her own music when she was about 15, and is humble to say that it’s improved tremendously since then. She has learned so many techniques and development ideas when it comes to writing, and is so thankful for being blessed with a family that is so knowledgeable in the music/performing field.

It would be such an honor to win such a competition, and it would be more than life changing. She is in this for the win however is more than appreciative for the opportunity and experience.

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