Isabelle DuRussel

Izzie is twelve years old and in sixth grade at Grand Blanc East Middle School. She has a little brother that is 8 (Isaac). She has another little brother named Henry that passed away when she was just two years old. She is a really warm and loving big sister.

Izzie has always been an open-minded and thoughtful person. She acknowledges friend’s birthdays, congratulates people when they succeed, and encourages everyone to “try again” when an attempt fails. Izzie is enormously proud to have been asked to assist a dance class with younger students at her studio this year. She is also the youngest member of the senior (advanced) company at the studio. She’s talented, for sure, but it is her maturity and ability to adapt that make her a good candidate for both of these roles.

She’s been dancing since she was a toddler. She started competing as a soloist when she was around 7 years old. She loves to dance more than anything else, and she’s most energized when she’s performing an artistic piece that tells a story. Last year, she performed a solo about the loss of her brother and really tried to reach out to families that have experienced that grief. Izzie has had to fight through multiple injuries in her young career thus far, including a broken nose during a class this winter. When described by one of her dance teachers, she said: “Izzie is ‘the journey’ and she is ‘the team’.”

Izzie was named a Titans of Dance Force Member for 2017, and was a WILD Dance Intensive Apprentice Finalist for two years running. Izzie earned full scholarships to Motor City Tap Fest in 2016, and to New Dance Fest in 2018. She performed with the prestigious Eisenhower Dance Detroit company that summer as part of the festival. Izzie served as a Ballet in the City Ambassador in 2018, fundraising toward scholarships for the arts in under-served populations. Izzie was named Miss Junior Dance Force Express in 2018, and recently regained that title for 2019. In addition to dancing, Izzie enjoys sports, baby-sitting, and learning to play violin.

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