Holden Froemke

Holden Froemke is as unique as it gets for a 16 year old. He knew he was meant to have music in his life from day one.

Though he started playing violin at a young age, Holden’s passion for music really started when a family friend let him play his hot rod red Fender Stratocaster. He knew nothing about how the instrument worked, but he somehow managed to play a chord, and after that there was no looking back. He started taking guitar lessons at the age of 10 and, after four years of lessons, he decided to move on and try new things. At 13 he took a vocal workshop and found his passion for singing. This changed the course of his music as he decided to further pursue his vocal talents.

He added piano lessons and music theory in 2018 and is creating music and singing every moment he possibly can. Holden has a collection of instruments but tends to gravitate to the guitar, the piano, and his voice. He wants to learn how to play a variety of instruments and he expands his collection whenever an opportunity arises.

Holden listens to just about any kind of music you could throw at him but his favorite genres usually fall into the pop punk categories. He’s currently listening to 5 Seconds of Summer, Bastille, Panic! At The Disco, and Fall Out Boy, though his tastes change frequently. He grew up on Big Country, Van Halen, The Cure, and AC/DC, and has been formed by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Queen, My Chemical Romance, Prince, Ed Sheeran, Cloud Cult and Owl City.

Last year Holden nabbed an opportunity where he starred in and composed original music for the short film “Song Without Words”, written and directed by Andy Froemke. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing when it comes to acting, but he greatly enjoyed the process of making the film and may dabble in acting in the future.

Other than music, Holden has a passion for cars. He has his eye on several racing series including the World Rally Championship and Formula 1, but he plans on staying grassroots in his true passion of Drifting. He owns a 1991 BMW 325i E30 Cabrio and plans on modifying it in the future.

Finally, a very, very important piece of information, Holden has a rather convincing Australian accent. Don’t let this deceive you as he grew up in Minnesota and has never been out of the country.

Holden’s unique sense of humor and passion for life comes through in all he does, including his music. He loves creating original compositions and has several pieces in the works. He plans to release an album by the end of 2019. His goals are to turn music into a career that allows him to do what he truly loves and will help support his other passions. He’s looking forward to opportunities to share his music with the world.

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