Haley Grogan

Hello! I’m Haley Grogan. It’s exciting to be a finalist on the Celebration of Music! I have been singing, dancing, and performing for over half of my life. My first taste of being on stage was when I was four, tap dancing to “Whistle While You Work” while dressed as Snow White.

I have been in over 25 theatrical productions through my local theatre (Spotlight Studios in Fairport, N.Y.) and at my school. My favorite roles include Princess Fiona in Shrek, Jr. and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. I enjoyed playing Princess Fiona because she is unlike any princess I have ever seen. She is tough and funny, but sensitive. Sebastian was an awesome role because I got to work on perfecting my Jamaican accent. Ever since my first musical, my parents have been telling me to stop singing so much because I would sing nonstop for hours and become hoarse. I even got in trouble in first grade for singing during class! That all changed when I started voice lessons and learned how to sing properly. Now I can sing as much as I want without my parents reprimanding me!

When I’m not reading, playing soccer, taking piano and singing lessons, or strumming the ukulele that I got for my 10th birthday, I am playing with my Cairn terriers Barkley and Duncan. They are both goofballs and extremely jealous of one another. I can’t pet one without the other one whining or trying to butt in.

My favorite Broadway cast albums are Hamilton, Rent, and Dear Evan Hansen. I have seen the first two musicals and am excited to see the third, which is coming to my local theatre next year. My favorite part about going to the theatre -- other than the show itself -- is going to the stage door after the show and meeting the cast to tell them what a great job they did. They are always so nice!

I don’t listen to only cast albums. I might sneak a little bit of Queen into the mix on my iPod. Freddy Mercury’s voice and Queen’s harmonies are amazing, and the movie Bohemian Rhapsody is one of my favorite films.

When I was contacted about Celebration of Music, I was very excited and grateful for the opportunity. Singing, acting, and dancing make me so happy, and I hope it makes others happy to watch me perform. I am excited to see the other contestants perform as well, and I hope to meet them because I find that performance artists in general are very kind and supportive. My goal is to be a working actress on Broadway or on a national tour. If those goals are not realized, I will still perform because that is what I do and is big part of who I am. I would be honored to have your vote.

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