Griffen Rill

Hi, I’m Griffen Rill – lover of life. I enjoy it all and sometimes I can’t fit it all in! The biggest parts of my life are my family, friends, sports, adventures, and certainly my music.

I enjoy unique people- those that do their own thing-being themselves. I love to talk and ask questions and find listening to people’s stories fascinating. My family is very close and supportive. I’m a middle school kid in Maryland, where I play percussion in the concert band as well as in a Jazz band (hi Mr. Apple)!

Sports are my energy outlet. I’ve played all kinds of sports since I can remember. I first learned to run, then to walk. I’ve played lacrosse since I was four, along with years of basketball and soccer.

I like team sports but love adventure even more. The best time ever was snowboarding in Utah with my Dad. I beg all the time for someone to take me to the local skate park to work on my skateboarding tricks, I also like mountain biking, rock climbing, and golf. Being outdoors and doing adventurous activities is something that I feel I will always need to do in my life.

I squeeze in time for collecting things. I’ve been collecting musical instruments, license plates, stickers, rocks, and coins since I can remember. I also like to look for sports cars whenever we are driving somewhere.

Music is my happy place that gives me a feeling and vibe that I just can’t explain. I got my first guitar (Blue Lick) when I was four and I started drum lessons when I was five. I’m working with a great drum teacher - Scott Tiemann , who is teaching me how to read music better but also lets me have fun and jam. I like to experiment with all different instruments-percussion, bass/acoustic/electronic guitar, ukulele, keyboarding, and singing. I’ve been studying guitar with Damon Foreman for about a year. He makes learning fun and is one cool guy. I have performed at festivals, local taverns, cafes and even at a brewery. The biggest venue I played was The Fillmore, in Silver Spring Maryland, in a band, I was in with the Tree House School of Music. When I play and perform, it’s like I’m in a zone, a happy place that I get to share with others.

Island and Reggae music is my favorite! I really admire Bob Marley’s stand against oppression and love of happiness. I also really connected with singer-songwriters like Jack Johnson. I hope to write my own songs in the near future.

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