Alyssa Ann Desantis A.K.A "Flaw'Lyss" was welcomed into the world on May 28th 1994. Raised on the Southside of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Flaw’Lyss stumbled upon her creative potential at an early age. Unknown to her, she was born with an innate talent that most of her peers lacked, the ability to create timeless music. In Just the 5th Grade "Flaw'Lyss" recorded her first Song but shortly thereafter, due to the lack of limited resources and networking capabilities, she was no longer able to peruse her musical dream any further. However, she has always maintained a genuine interest in Listening to music. She spent time writing and creating her own remixes to some of the artists that influenced her most such as Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Erykah Badu and many more. Growing up in the Era of young talent like "Bow Wow" & "Lil Romeo" it wasn’t hard to be influenced to do music and instill a drive for greatness.

At the age of 18, Flaw’Lyss got back into the Local Music scene becoming a solo artist under the label Get Like Us Entertainment LLC Co-Founded by her older sister. Her sister among many others convinced her to start rapping again. Flaw'Lyss has since then received a Twin Cities Junior Music Award and released 3 Mixtapes Titled "Price'Lyss" & "Heart'Lyss" and "21" with her 4th project #TGIF (Thank.God.I'm.Flaw'Lyss) on its way.Flaw'Lyss remains humble yet still keeping in mind that everyone is competition. Her Laid back, straight to the point rapping style puts her in a lane of her own. Not changing what she believes in for anything or anyone, artists like Flaw'Lyss are the future. She is the voice of the next generation!

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