Fishing for Saturday


Rocking out of Springfield, Missouri, Fishing for Saturday is not your ordinary rock cover band. Known for their smooth vocals, and blistering guitar work, Fishing for Saturday has developed a devoted fan base, and is filling every venue they play. Never mind the fact that the band members are between 16 and 17 years old! Fishing for Saturday formed in Springfield in early 2013. It did not take long before they were asked to play community events, which has led to consistent shows all over the Ozarks, in the biggest local venues with the biggest local bands, as well as nationally touring acts.


The band consists of lead vocalist Mady McCrea, lead guitarists, and bassists Jackson Martin and Preston Martin, guitarist Alex Herrell, anddrummer Josh Henry. The band’s willingness to explore all types of musical style and eras have made them a fan favorite, and their dedication has made them a power house on stage. From Jimi Hendrix to Pink Floyd to Natalie Merchant, you will be hard pressed to find a band that covers a wider range of rock music, and even original tunes.


Fishing for Saturday has had the opportunity and pleasure to share the stage with some fantastic bands during the last year.

The Reality of Yourself (T.R.O.Y)- (Ernie Ball National Battle of the Bands winner)
Sons of Stereo
Katy Guillen and the Girls
The Jeremiah Johnson Band
The Many Colored Death
Members Only (just to name a few)

Fishing for Saturday has been constantly working, playing private events, fundraisers, and being asked to play with T.R.O.Y on their “Rock Revival” Pink Floyd Tribute shows. Multiple appearances on the local television show, “Ozarks Live”, 2016 Sertoma Oktoberfest, 2017 Heaterfest, 2017 Sertoma Octoberfest, 2018 Start the Conversation teen suicide awareness event, as well as packing venues everywhere they play. They were given a front page story in a January 21st2019 “Springfield News Leader” article and in June of 2019 their first single, “Worn Out Tapes” was released to all streaming services to fantastic reviews.


“Fishing for Saturday is one of the best local bands in the Springfield Area. Do NOT let their age fool you! They are just a phenomenal group of professionals that promote, perform and entertain from start to finish. Our team has worked with them many times and they have been a joy to work with in every facet of the business.” - Rick Delloma ATR Management (manager of T.R.O.Y)

“One of the finest young bands I have seen in quite some time. Excellent musicians with a great stage presence and very entertaining. Based on this, the future of music is in qualified hands.” - Monte Lorts, promoter

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