Evelyn Craft

Hi! My name is Evelyn Craft and I am 10-years-old. My dream is to become a famous actress and singer. It started when I was in second grade and I got the lead female for ‘The First Thanksgiving’ play my class performed. I loved taking home my script and practicing my lines. What I didn’t know at the time was that was only the start of this journey. Now, I am a member of the St. Louis Children’s Choir and participate in a local youth theatre program.

In addition to singing, I am a total bookworm. I love to read! I also love math and science. I’ve decided if I don’t become a singer or actor, I would try to become a lawyer. My favorite animals are the wallaby and horse. My favorite place to visit is Harry Potter World/Universal studios.

My hope is someday I will perform in a movie based on books written by J.K Rowling, Chris Colfer, or Lemony Snicket. Even though some of those movies are already made or are being made it is still a dream of mine, but really any movie or play would be good.

I have a big family, consisting of 27 (if you count my pets - which are basically my family). But, if you don’t count pets then my family has 4 people. You may be wondering how I can have so many pets - so here’s the list


  • 1 dog (Misty)
  • 2 cats (Johnny Cash and June Carter)
  • 16 baby chickens (one with bad feet - Roberta)
  • 1 baby rooster (Sebastian)
  • 3 hens (no names)

My favorite types of songs are the one that make you feel better than then how you think you are because they make me feel stronger. I am very happy to be on ‘Celebration of Music’!

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