Eva Panwar

Eva Panwar, 8 years old, is a little diva who loves to sing. She belongs to Austin, TX area. She started learning piano at a young age of 4. Her piano teacher appreciated her aptitude for music and melodious voice a lot. She started training for Hindustani classical music when she was 5. In her free time Eva loves to compose songs. She also won a prize for composing one of the best jingles on ‘Music’ within her music group of 60 kids. Not to mention the youngest one as well. She recently started taking western music vocal lessons and also started training on classical dance of Bharatanatyam.She is very passionate about singing and dreams to be a singer someday. Her favorite singers are Celine Dion, Justin Timberlake, Shreya Goshal and Arijit Singh.

You can checkout few of her singing performances from the past at:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCF6pzYPFYliaIZpcuB_pRaA/featured?view_as=subscriber

Achievements: Eva has won multiple prizes in local singing competitions in Texas and has been the youngest contestant to reach the semi-finals of few national level singing competitions. She also got to meet the top Bollywood female singer Shreya Goshal, by participating in a meet and greet singing contest. It was a dream come true for Eva!

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