Emma Grace Odle

Hi Iʼm Emma and I have a true passion for singing and entertaining. It all started with the song the B.I.B.L.E and me getting on stage in front of a very large crowd at Shepherd of the Ozarks and singing it at the age of 2. From there I learned how much I loved singing and would sing any chance I got. In the car, in restaurants, in the shower, on my “stage” the coffee table at home but when I truly feel alive is during any church event we may have and I get to go on the actual stage in front of a bunch of people. I have been asked to do a solo the past 4 Christmasʼs at church. When Iʼm not singing I am focusing on acting. I have been in a few independent films and a few TV shows such as: When Sharks Attack and Murder Made Me Famous: Jim Jones.

My goal is to get to a point where I can start writing and singing all genres of my own songs. One thing a lot of people donʼt know about me is I can sound like Shakira.

In my down time I love making TikTok videos and YouTube videos, both comedic and dancing. I love the beach and hanging out with my friends and family. My parents have been very supportive in everything Iʼve done. They believe in me and love me more than words could describe. I owe everything to them and thank them for getting me voice lessons and dance lessons to help me improve so that I could be where I am today, getting the opportunity to be a part of the celebration of music! I am very excited to be chosen as a contestant and would be very humbled by and appreciative of your votes.

Thank you,

Emma Grace Odle

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