Emily Frazier

My name is Emily Katherine Frazier from Montegut, LA. I am a self-motivated, spirited leader. Through the years, I have set and accomplished many goals. I am very involved in my church and community. Some of my passions include music and sports.

Both of my parents are veterans of the United States Air Force. My Dad retired fromservice and now lives in South Carolina. I live with my mom, who is a school teacher, and my stepdad. My brother is a sophomore and my step brother is a freshman at Nicholls State University.

In my spare time, I like to write and take pictures. I like writing stories or just journaling my thoughts. I also like playing my piano, ukulele, guitar, and singing. Music makes me feel free and creative.

In the future, I would love to be famous for my music. I have recently become interested in modeling. With the money I make in which ever career I choose, I would like to open an all girls’ academy where young girls are given the opportunity to do big things. After all, empowering the next generation is something I am passionate about.

I have exhibited great leadership ability through many school clubs and activities. I have had many great ideas for activities, and I work to ensure that they are carried out. I enjoy taking leadership positions to get the job done; whatever it is!

In addition to clubs, I am involved in sports. At school, I am a member of the cheer squad, softball team, and soccer team! I have been in Tae Kwon Do for the past 8 yearsearning my black belt in 2014.

Church and community are very important to me. My youth group, Amplified Youth, recently sent supplies to children in Cambodia. My family supported Maria, a young girl from Ecuador, through Compassion International. Through our church’s food bank, I have packaged and prepared food for local families. I recently co-founded Salt and Light Ministries. On Wednesday mornings we meet at our church before school to serve breakfast to area youth. We also do a short Bible devotion and pray before we go on to our schools. I am a member of our church worship team. In the summer, I volunteer many hours to our Vacation Bible School. Through church and community activities, I get to use my gifts and talents to help others. That is very important to me.

As a 14-year-old, I have already accomplished many great things. Through love from my family, hard work, commitment, and dedication, I know that I will accomplish many more. I am a proven leader with a passion to succeed!

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