Daniela Xospa

Daniela Xospa Anaya was born in Mexico City on March 21st, 2007. Her parents are Arturo Xospa and Aida Anaya, she has an older sister, Karen , and a dog named Koda. Daniela has been living in Michigan since March 6th, 2012 until today.

When she was six years old, she participated in several swimming competitions with the "Spartan Aquatic Club" in Novi, Michigan.

Around eight years old, she studied dance at "Dance Dynamics", performing one recital. Then in the "Academy of Russian Classical Ballet"; performing in one of the acts in the "Nutcracker" at the "Detroit Music Hall".

Daniela is now at "Iroquois Middle School", with this change in her life, she decided to explore new possibilities like gymnastics at a recreational level at "Olympia", last year. Currently she is taking Tumbling and Trampoline classes at "Cutting Edge" , with the expectation to be part of the Competition Team.

The dream of becoming a professional pianist started in her childhood, when she received in Christmas Day an important gift , a plastic piano toy. She was very happy about it, she even was desiring a real one, every afternoon after school she played with it.

Daniela's started at "Evola Music" some years ago, with the hope to pursue her dream of playing piano. She took her first piano lessons with a group of children with Mrs. Jorga Ropp. Then she decided to take private lessons with Mrs. Elma Resulinovic, her current teacher. Mrs. Resulinovic has been providing support, discipline, and love for the instrument.

Daniela has been participating in several recitals at "Evola Music", for almost three years. She has been performing as a piano soloist and duets with her sister Karen, who plays the violin.

Additionally, Daniela has been part of MAC and Federation Competitions winning 1st and 2nd place trophies. The next step will be the AGM Competition this April with her sister Karen; Daniela will support her playing the piano as an accompanist.

Lastly, Daniela is very excited to participate in Celebration of Music! And she is an example for her family to never give up on her dreams and that with determination and love, everything is possible.

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