Dakota Wise

My name is Dakota Wise, I'm twenty-one years old I will be turning twenty-two in May. I'm a small-town kid from Noodle, Texas a town just south of Abilene, Texas with the whopping population of 28 people at the time. I moved to San Angelo, Texas just before I turned 10 years old where I spent the remainder of my childhood. I went from a graduating class of maybe 100 at Merkel High School to a graduating class of 700+ at Central High School. My grandmother passed away my junior year of inoperable Stage 4 Brain cancer and I'll never forget while she was in hospice care I would sing to her and promised her to always pursue my dream of music and to never give up. She was always my biggest supporter and my number one fan she even tried to get me on Ellen. She would always tell me I was her inspiration to keep going no matter how tough life got. I miss her with every ounce of my heart and soul but I've never broken my promise and I don’t ever plan on doing so. Putting a smile on anyone's face is my goal no matter where I go in life, I would love to see people smile because of me. My friends would describe me as stubborn, determined, funny, and probably the most genuine, down to earth person you’ll ever meet. I'm as humble as anyone could ever be and anyone that meets me or gotten to know me will tell you the same thing. I haven't met my goals as of yet but as long as my music puts a smile on someone’s face somewhere in the world. I'm content. Regrets? No, everything is done and happens for a reason whether good or bad I'll never regret the things I've done because you can't dwell on the past because you can't change it. Moving on to my family, I grew up with 3 sisters. My family supports my music and if able they're at all of my shows. That’s all I could ever ask for from them. Another huge supporter of mine is my amazing girlfriend McKenna from Abilene, Texas. She swears she’s my number one fan. I think my mom would have something to say about that though but hey as long as McKenna and my family are happy with what I'm doing I can't complain. They're definitely more supportive of my music than my cooking. My mom won't even taste my food haha, but I still love to cook and bake. Along with working on cars and taking care of my donkeys at work I also enjoy taking care of my Xanthic Blue iguana at home! Music and bringing a smile to people’s faces with my music truly is my dream. My true passion and that’s all I can ever hope for other than starting a life and family with my beautiful girlfriend. I'd really love a shot to prove that I have what it takes and bring a smile to more people’s faces. Thank you.

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