Colleen Allard-Smith

I have always loved to sing and I cannot see myself doing anything else. When I am performing in front of a crowd I feel most comfortable. I learned this in elementary school when I was cast in my first musical, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I played Veruca Salt. When I was in Middle School I heard about the performing arts magnet program in my school district at Pebblebrook High School and decided to audition. I was so proud of myself when I found out I was accepted to the program.

I'm currently a sophomore with a vocal major and a double minor in technical theater and dance. This past year I decided to audition for the school showcase singing “I Know Where I've Been” from the musical Hairspray. I asked some of my friends to sing back up and I decided to make a slideshow that showed all the important issues from the past to today. I thought a lot about what the lyrics of the song meant to me, to never give up, even though it seems like all hope is lost. I also thought about what other students felt were important issues in our world today such as school shootings and equal rights. Earlier in the school year many students in schools around America held walk outs or silent protests. One of the reasons I chose to sing this song was to show that I care about all these important issues too. I was very proud to sing in the showcase and so many people enjoyed it I was asked to sing it again for my schools black history month program. I made the slide show a little different so it would relate more to African American culture and history. It affected so many people that I have since been asked and honored to perform it for my elementary school music teachers Church and my own Church as well as my school district’s Student of the Year awards program! I was so excited when I was asked. Especially since I was performing outside of school.

I am submitting the video of me singing this at my Church for Black History Month. I have really enjoyed performing this song because it has impacted people in many different ways. I believe that music in general can change people, help people, and heal people. In the song, one line says, “Use that pride in our hearts to lift us up until tomorrow, because just to sit still would be a sin.” This is a very powerful verse that has impacted myself and inspired many others into doing well in the world. Music is a great motivator.

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