Carrington Haynes

My name is Carrington Mackenzie Haynes. I was born October 1, 2007. I have known music for my whole life. My parents were both in bands. They both sing and play instruments. My brother sings and plays violin.

Performing is in my blood. I was in classes at Star Force One Dance, my mom’s dance studio at age 15 months. At 18 months, I started taking classes at Calico Kids now CK Dance in Rockwall,TX. ( Jeannie and Lee Ann ); where my mom also taught dance.

When I was little, I would ask my mom why I was not on TV. My mom tells me, she just laughed and said, “ Carrington I am trying.” Mom tried to get me an agent but it is hard to get one.

Mom was practicing “Trouble” by Elvis Presley. I heard her ( age 3) , and learned the words. I belted out the song. My mom says, she grabbed me out of the tub, threw a dress on me, and grabbed the video camera, and that was it.

I sang with a live band at Garland Opry age 4 “Cowboy Sweetheart” and yodeled. Also on Carnival Cruise Talent show age 4. Then, many years of classes, lessons, performances and going to school every day.

I auditioned and performed the National Anthem, at Lone Star Park Horse Races in Grand Prairie, Texas in 2017.

Next, Actor’s Anonymous, Shrek Jr. ( Momma Ogre ) age 8. The opening solo. Year 2, I was selected as Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The 3rd year, I was selected to be “Flounder” Little Mermaid Jr. 2018.

2016, I went to NYC with CK Dance, saw “School of Rock”. I knew I could sing and dance like the kids on the stage. I had worked so hard. Mom spends many nights after she finishes her first job, working on my next audition. So much that she started JCB Talent Management for me. She found the next audition for “School of Rock” in NYC 2017. I was cut from the dance combination. They didn’t get to hear me sing. I knew if they could just hear me sing. We waited and watched. 6 months later in 2018 and we were there, again, in NYC. Singers only this time. They heard me! I was not cut, but not selected.The casting company says I could be called any day. So we wait.

I auditioned for America’s Got Talent 2016 and 2017, but I was not picked. I keep hoping the right person sees me.

I won DFW ICON 2017, and first runner up 2018. 2018 SWTA Vocalist, and Talent on Parade Regionals Vocalist Winner 2018. I was again, very excited, but not working. My Aunt Carolyn called and told my mom about Celebration of Music. Celebration of Music picked me as a contestant. I am so excited! I want everyone to vote for me!

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