Carolina Rafael

Hi I am Carolina I am 12 years old you might have never seen me before because I am not famous but working to be. My experience at theater is for playing a few roles at school performances and other plays around my town. I usually jump in every opportunity because my mom always tells me to fight for my dreams. I watch my favorite series which is stranger things! I have a Instagram account just about them.

I love to sing I am very eclectic. I love most of my dads favorites songs but I love the songs from my generation like Taylor Swift. I love my parents, my little sister, my dog peam (please don’t laugh at his name I was 5 and I pick the name. Haha) and my Hamster. I am a work in process girl living in my world which include my friends from my school and some other friends from previous schools, sports and camp. Before I forget I love go to my acting camp and honestly I love my Montessori school too. I am a pretty happy girl now. I am Carolina nice to meet you!

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