Carlos De La Cerda

My name is Carlos De La Cerda, a 21-year-old Musician/Singer Songwriter currently residing in the Concho Valley of Texas (San Angelo). I was born and raised in the border city of Eagle Pass, a place where both the Mexican and American cultures are fused to create one that I have learned to love and learn from. Being exposed to these cultures exposed me to two worlds of music. Country, Mariachi, Tejano, Jazz, and everything in between was played and shared at all times around me. Soon my interest of learning how to play a guitar turned in to a love of learning all types of music. I joined the marching band in Highs-School where I learned an abundance of music and its implications. I was part of a punk/alternative band that had awesome opportunities to travel to our surrounding areas to play shows and become a local favorite. With these opportunities I got the privilege to meet and work with amazing artists and music producers, where we all shared our passion and love for what is all music. At the end of each day, it wasn’t the fast-paced punk songs, or the epic marching pieces that solidified my love for playing music, it was my pen, paper, and guitar that truly defined what I love most about music; the ability to create it. Countless of hours and sleepless nights I spend creating melodies, lyrics, and supporting accompanies, all designed to captivate the listener and listen to the stories, experiences, and messages that I have written down on paper. This love for creating songs about love, hope, loneliness and friendship has sent me on a journey to achieve my dream of becoming a full-time musician. The first step was taken nearly two years ago, when I delivered my freshman EP “Comfortable Silence” that touches on all the themes that was stated before. The release of this EP was such an array of satisfaction, happiness, and furthered my determination to created more material that will captivate people and promote the love for music. These last two years I have played many events and I snatch on to each and every opportunity, no matter how big or how small, I love performing music. Currently I’m Studying History at Angelo State University in San Angelo, Texas where luckily, I’ve had the chance to expand my creativity within this new West Texas atmosphere, and network with other amazing artists. The song that I will be performing will be the title Track of my EP, “Comfortable Silence” that talks about how when you are truly in love, you can be oh so very comfortable with each other’s company in complete silence.

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