Carlin Hearn and Dominic Plummer

Hello, my name is Dominic Plummer. I have been singing for the majority of my life, and it has become a part of who I am. My first performance was when I was three years old. We lived in Mississippi, and for a talent show I sang, “Don't Worry. Be Happy.” Although it was a rather large crowd, I was more enamored with my light up sandals then I was with the stage and the audience. I have sung in numerous plays, performed at sports events, religious events, and other places.

Carlin, the one next to me in the picture above and playing the guitar in our music video, and I have known each other for three and a half years. We started a band with another classmate of ours, Ethan.

Carlin's church was putting on a talent show. A week prior to the talent show Carlin said we should perform a song called “This Town” for the show. I had never heard this song, and Carlin had never played it. We were not aware of this competition at the time, but someone video taped our performance. Then, unknown to me, it was submitted to this competition and made it in.

I do not know what to write in this essay. I enjoy playing sports. My favorite sport is football, and I prefer playing wide receiver. Unfortunately, the school I attend is so small that we were not able to have a high school tackle football team this past fall. So, I had to play on a neighboring team. They put me on varsity although I'm a freshman.

My very favorite bands are the Beatles and then the Eagles. But I love lots of groups.

It is very difficult to write 500 words about me without telling you what I ate for breakfast – which was nothing -- I now realize how depressing my life is. Which is why it would be fantastic to win this competition thing.

My team just finished our basketball season on a team of mostly freshmen. Considering the size of our school, we did very well. We only lost one game in the regular season, and we made it to the playoffs.

My family is pretty big. I'm the seventh of eight kids. Everyone loves to sing in my family. My sister is having a baby in July. I hope it's a boy... named Blaze. But she doesn't listen to me. My other sister is getting married in August. I have a brother in Peru, and one in North Dakota. The others are still living at home. My little sister goes to the same school as me and Carlin.

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