Caprice Radman

My name is Caprice Radman and I am 15 years old from Rochester Michigan. Rochester is known for its quaint downtown charm, rolling hills, and beautiful outdoors. I started performing at age 6 in a children’s choir and soon after discovered guitar. Discovering my love for singing and guitar grew with every performance from recitals, school talent shows, coffee shops, and playing in a band for three years. It has been a challenge for me to overcome my shyness. Performing allows me to open up and be myself which takes a lot of courage and strength. I also love to dance and was a member of the Select Performance Competitive Dance Team for three years. I now dance on my high school team at Rochester High School, performing at sporting events and other high school activities and competitions. I also have a love for animals and currently have a dog walking business which keeps me busy! You should vote for me because of my love and dedication for music. Your vote will give me the confidence to pursue my dreams, and I will represent Michigan with Pride! Shout out to my awesome family who have been so supportive of my ambitions, especially my sister Paige who will be missed so much when she goes off to college. I would like to dedicate this song to my Grandpa who will be turning 90 in May. What a great present it would be if I won!!

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