Camryn Ellis

Camryn Dawn Ellis is a 17-year-old senior at James H. Blake High School in Silver Spring, Maryland. She’s been singing her whole life and hopes to be a professional pop singer one day and have a career like her favorite artists Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande.

She’s made it to the finals twice in the local MoCo’s Got Talent competition and has won and/or performed at several other area festivals and music competitions. She’s sung the National Anthem at several school sports events and has performed in school talent shows since 5th grade. She’s also been in the school choir all through elementary, middle and high school. She is thrilled to be a contestant in the Celebration of Music competition and hopes to get as many votes as possible!

Camryn has a 19-year-old brother Kasen and lives with her mom and 16-year-old twin sisters Brooke and Jordyn. Camryn’s entire family and friends are her biggest fans and support her singing ambitions!

Camryn looks forward to finishing high school this year and plans to attend Montgomery College in the fall. In addition to singing, she loves astronomy and plans to study that in college. So, you could say, one way or the other, Camryn dreams of being amongst stars!

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