Caden Edlund

Caden Edlund is an 8 years old piano player from Nixa, MO. He started his piano lessons right before he turned 4 years old, and has been playing piano ever since.

Caden's love of music was first noticed by his mother when he was a baby. While the whole family was watching Lawrence Welk Show on PBS, Caden started crying. However, as soon as he heard the music playing, he stopped crying! From then on, his mother would play the music from Lawrence Welk Show to soothe him. He particularly enjoyed the Pennsylvania Polka and music of the Lennon Sisters.

When Caden was just 22 months old, he would sing the song Do Re Mi from the movie Sound of Music, while pretending to play the piano. And during this time, his parents realized it might be best to enroll him in piano lessons. As soon as he learned to read and count, Caden started his piano lessons.

Caden loved to play piano for family and friends. Sometimes he would ask his music teacher in school if he can play piano for the whole class. It makes him happy to share his talent to others. He is very thrilled that he got a chance to be a part of Celebration of Music.

Aside from playing piano, Caden loves going to Martial Arts class. He loves to play outside, ride a bike, play with friends and play with Lego blocks. He enjoys going to school and being in the Robotics Club. Most of all, Caden likes to write stories…and dreams that one day, to publish a book!

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