Brooke Seddon

Hi, I'm Brooke Seddon and I am 12 years old. I was born in Toledo, Ohio and have lived in the area my whole life. Now I'm a sixth grader at an art school and I love it there because I get to do all sorts of art every day! My musical talent is singing and playing my ukulele, but I also really enjoy acting, drawing, painting, sewing, crafts, and especially being involved in musical theater.

Since I was 8 years old, I've been in six musicals, two plays, one opera, and one film. My favorite role was Belinda Cratchit in A Christmas Carol. No matter what part I've played, how big or how small, I've loved every experience I've had on stage. I've also had the opportunity to share my voice with the fans of the Toledo Mud Hens baseball team when I sang the National Anthem before a game. That was a fun and exciting experience and was my largest audience so far!

It's been more than four years since I started to chase my dream to sing, and we still haven't figured out where I get this talent from. I have an older brother, two parents, 4 grandparents, 1 great-grandparent and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins. My family has always encouraged and supported me, and I am so thankful to have the opportunities to make my dream come true.

Other than the art I take at school, I am always enrolled in acting classes, ukulele lessons, voice lessons, theater workshops, choir groups, and more. My goal is to be on Broadway someday and to share my voice with the world. I know that I must work hard to pursue this dream and I plan to keep at it for as long as it takes!

Singing for you in the Celebration of Music competition feels like a step closer to my dream. Whether I win or not, I'm thankful to have gotten this far! I hope that you love my video performance and vote for me to give me a chance to perform live!

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