Brooke Lynn

Hey everyone! My name is Brooke Lynn and I am a 22-year old country music singer/songwriter. I recently graduated college with degrees in biology and neuroscience from Concordia College-Moorhead. Most of my childhood took place in Big Lake, MN, where I grew up playing basketball and track and field. I grew up in an incredible family with two loving and encouraging parents, a younger sister (my best friend), a younger brother (I am his biggest fan), and two beautiful black labs. I am a big family person and I thank God every single day for blessing me with such a wonderful family that is supportive and always full of love.

Ever since I can remember, I have been singing, mostly country music, and putting on shows for my friends and family. When I was younger, my sister and I would dress up and put on shows in our basement for friends and family. I also have an interesting microphone collection from my years of basement singing. Fun fact-I have never had to sing into a hairbrush because I have always had a microphone laying around that I would sing into.

When I was 12 years old, I won my first singing competition in front of thousands of people, which greatly inspired in me a passion for performing. I continued to sing in various competitions throughout school and was always very involved in choir. Singing has always been an outlet for me, a stress-reliever, and every performance is special for me because of the meaningful connections that I make with the songs I sing. I discovered my love for song-writing when I spent a summer in Nashville, TN when I was 15 years old. I was blessed to work with very talented musicians to record my first country music album called “Little Angels.” The production of my album led to many more live performances throughout Minnesota and allowed me to work with the likes of various local bands to put on great shows. I have also had the honor of performing at various fundraising events for causes that are close to my heart, including Lupus Fundraisers and Relay For Life.

Here I am, a few months after graduating college, and I’m excited for you to enjoy the music that I have prepared for you. The song that I am singing is Abby Anderson’s “Make Him Wait,” a song whose lyrics I feel in every bone of my body. This song takes me back to when I was young and my dad would tell me how amazing and beautiful I was, and how much potential I had to be GREAT. He taught me how to respect myself and how important it was for me to develop that self-love before trying to find love in another human being. And I love the message that this song is bringing to young girls everywhere: it is OKAY, it is BEAUTIFUL, and YOU ARE WORTH IT, to make him wait.

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