Brodie Mullin

Brodie is in 7th grade at North Gwinnett Middle School. He takes accelerated core classes and for electives is enrolled in guitar and Spanish. His mom is a high school teacher and his dad is a firefighter. He has an older sister, Skylar. They hang out all the time and are supportive of each other’s talents and interests. To complete the family, he has a Samoyed puppy named Tundra who goes on a lot of hikes. He recently lost his 10 year old pup Kody Bear to brain cancer.

Brodie’s love for dance began at an early age watching “So You Think You Can Dance.” He currently attends All Stars Performing Arts in Sugar Hill, Georgia. His love for entertaining people has brought him to this point. He loves performing on stage. Awards for dance include 1st place at the Kids Got Talent Showcase for ages 9-12 for hip hop dance. He also won 2nd place for Gwinnett County Dance Choreography in 2018 and 1st place in 2017. Brodie recently performed at the Knock Music House in Atlanta, Georgia and will be performing at the Tower of Talent in October. The Tower of Talent is a fundraiser for the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

When Brodie is not dancing, he is practicing martial arts at the Dojo American Karate Center in Dacula, Georgia or perfecting his acting abilities. He is a black belt in martial arts with nine years of training. He is proficient with nunchucks, the bo staff, sai, and katana sword. He has won several weapons and sparring tournaments and is a yellow belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Brodie currently attends the Actor’s Scene and is taking Improv classes. His acting experience include filming a Ludacris Production which will air on the Ellen DeGeneres Show soon (boy and dancer), a bully in a hip hop music video (“Discriminated” by Alan Z), an actor and dancer in a video for Disney, a science fair kid in “Raising Dion” (a Netflix series), “Captain Kirk” in a Gwinnett County Production, and Daniel in “The Science of the Tortured Mind.” Brodie has three IMDb credits and is represented by Talent Direct Agency in Buford, Georgia.

Brodie feels strongly about giving back to the community. His volunteer work includes helping teachers get ready for the school year, assisting his karate instructor at belt tests and graduation, hiding Easter eggs at the American Legion, and filling bags of rice for Feed My Starving Children.

Brodie’s words - My current dance (the second performance on the video) is a combination of two different styles of music. I think it shows how versatile I am. I try to choose music that evokes feelings. It is not necessarily the lyrics of the songs, but the rhythm or beat that just makes me emotional. This particular dance is dedicated to my Gema, my Mom’s Mom. She passed away a couple of years ago. She was an inspiration to me. I could tell her anything and she was always supportive and gave great advice. I think about her often and miss her a lot. I love to perform and entertain people. I am looking for another project and hoping to take it to the next level. I appreciate all of my teachers and coaches who have encouraged me to follow my dreams and to take chances. I am appreciative of this opportunity and I’m looking forward to sharing my passion for dance with you.

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