Brielle Simonski

Meet 15 year old Brielle Simonski. Brielle lives in the Metro- Detroit area and is currently a freshman at Regina High School in Warren, MI. She was part of the Regina Freshman Volleyball Team this school year. Brielle has been a gymnast from the moment she could walk and has traveled around the country for gymnastics competitions. She really started to love gymnastics once she reached the level where she could pick her own floor music. Brielle has been part of America’s top 100 gymnasts for having the highest uneven bar score at her state championship. She came in 53rd in the nation. This past summer Brielle suffered a back injury that gave her the opportunity to focus on, and pursue, her love for music and performing more. Being in the gym 24+ hours a week when not at school or traveling for gymnastics meets, camps, or clinics, didn’t leave her much time to practice and attend music lessons. At the age of six Brielle begged her parents for piano lessons. For her seventh birthday her parents bought her piano lessons and a keyboard. The one day off that Brielle had from being at the gym she started taking piano lessons. She loved music so much that she started taking vocal lessons shortly after that. Brielle is currently a piano and vocal student at Music Achievers Conservatory in Sterling Heights, MI. She has competed in a few local music competitions but nothing like the Celebration of Music. Brielle is excited that she has been given this opportunity to showcase her performance and love for music.

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