Brandon Lewis

Memphis native, Brandon Lewis recognized his love for music at a young age and its creative impact on the world. His passion for music grew immensely as he got older, listening to artists such as Michael Jackson, The Fugees, Cold Play, Marvin Gaye, and Phil Collins. These legends, along with the influence of others, broadened his aspirations of becoming one of the best in the music industry as a world-class singer/songwriter and producer.

His vast sound will make you reminisce of your most soulful moments while creating a pop ambiance that leads you to another realm of creative stimulation. In his music you will find emotional yet thrilling lyrics that not only tell stories but will make the mind, body, and soul move. In 2016 Brandon was granted the opportunity to learn and attain credible songwriting techniques from the world renowned Songwriter Hall of Fame inductee David Porter.

His debut release Runaway Love presents a strong pop culture rhythm and a compelling groove that is sure to set your soul on fire. The song is about a young and thriving relationship that shares a constant push and pull of a fading love. This expression of a common and relatable emotion shows his dedication to the creative process and his development as an artist. Inspired by the soulfulness of his city and the appeal to mass media of the pop culture, Brandon Lewis is well on his way to creating a credible name in the industry by leaving a lasting impression on every listener. He is currently working on his debut album. The well anticipated project will have hints of his greatest influences and will give insight to the universal language of music through his eyes as an artistic vessel.

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