Aubrey Patton

Aubrey Patton is a vivacious and passionate 13-year old singer hailing from Nashville ‘Music City” Tennessee. She made her first musical debut by singing the National Anthem during the half-time show at her school’s homecoming.

Aubrey is a rising 8th grader at Henry Oliver Middle School where she excels both academically and athletically. She is a gifted and talented student in the Cambridge Academic Program, her favorite classes are English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Earth Science. Athletically, Aubrey excels on the basketball court as a starting guard for the Oliver Middle Lady Bulldogs.

Known for her dimpled smile and jubilant personality, Aubrey enjoys hanging with friends, reading, writing, listening to music, and shopping in her free time. Her affinity for writing and reading has furthered cultivated her aspiring singing career.

She is fun-loving and family-oriented. She most adores her family and siblings. She has a 23 year old half-sister and a 17 year old half-brother.

Aubrey aspires to be a Pop and R&B artist, song writer, and music producer. Aubrey is ecstatic about the opportunity and looks forward to participating in the Celebration of Music!

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