Ashley Gonzalez

My name is Ashley M. Gonzalez, I am 18 years old & I live in Skokie, Il. I live with my beautiful mom Elizabeth, my sister Malyssa & my little toothless yorkie, Crystal. I have been singing ever since I was 3 years old. It has always been such a huge passion of mine & everyday it becomes stronger and stronger. I would describe my sound as a mixture of Pop & R&B. My family is my biggest inspiration as they inspire me to be who I am everyday. All I ever want to do is make my mom proud & show her what she has taught me all these years & how to be the strong young woman that I am today. My greatest current accomplishment is as a child, I was able to skip kindergarten and by the age of 17, I graduated highschool early & by 19 I will already have my Associates Degree in Fine Arts in Music. Being able to spread my message around the world is all I can ever dream of as well as sharing my own music. I love to travel so being able to travel & share my music would be my ultimate dream. As of right now, I currently sing at my church each week to give all the glory to God & share my gift that he has blessed me with. I will continue to share my passion to the world & continue to make my mom proud as well as share my gift.

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